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Modena Ergonomic
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Side - Modena Ergonomic
Modena Ergonomic
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Modena Ergonomic White Frame Mesh Chair

VAT included

The back support fits your back perfectly, and it is adjustable to support your waist and other parts at your back, to correct and maintain a healthy sitting posture. The integrated high back support is designed to fit your spinal structure, allows you sitting comfortably close to your desk to reduce the pressure on your waist while sitting straight, maintaining a healthy sitting posture and reducing fatigue.


Improve Your Sitting Posture

Modena ergonomic chair designed by implementing the experiences of developing of more than 100 office chairs, by innovating the seat, back, hand, and neck 3D adjustment support system to fully support your sitting posture. The simple design has transformed the scientific data into contemporary comfort and aesthetic.

Comfortable Mesh Fabric

Unlike traditional fabrics and foam materials, the mesh fabric is not only stretchy, but also breathable, which allows air, body heat, and moisture flow smoothly through the seat and back, drying out the dampness and making the skin comfortable.

The automatic spring resistance adjustment provides instant support and recline the backrest without manual controlling. It can smoothly switch from upright sitting to a reclined relaxed position.

Wide range of adjustable seat depth, lean against the back of the seat, to distribute the force evenly, reducing the pressure on the hips and knees.

Key Features

  • Perfect fit back support
  • Tilt tension balance adjusting mechanism
  • Integrated back rest and armrest linkage
  • Elastic breathable mesh fabric
  • Detachable head rest
  • 3D multi-direction adjustable armrest
  • Aluminium polished frame and base
  • Smooth and silent castors
Modena Chair Adjustments
5 Year Limited Warranty
Delivery Time: 2-4 Working Days
Chair Ergonomics
3 Tilt Locking Position
4D Adjustable Armrest
Adjustable Headrest
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Adjustable Seat
Syncro Tilt
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