Vank Wave Acoustic Pod

Vank Wave Acoustic Pod

VAT included

A free-standing upholstered enclosed pod; door made of safety glass, internal side walls covered with acoustic panels, smooth upholstered external walls and back wall.

Vank Pods


The Multi-Functionality of Mini Architecture

Arranging the available workspace in the right way by providing employees with space for phone and video calls makes the workplace much more employee-friendly. Please see Acoustic Features for further information.


  • Acoustic panels
  • Writing shelf
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation systems with a motion sensor
  • Connection panel: 1x 230V + 2x USB (charger)
  • Choice of colors: Inside of the body, outside of the body and acoustic panels on the internal walls
Vank Acoustic Ellipse Pattern

Wave Pattern

Vank Acoustic Wave Structure

Special structure pod body

Vank Acoustic Pod Mediaports


Vank Acoustic Wave Pod
3 Year Limited Warranty
Production & Delivery Time: 6-8 Weeks
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